November 20, 2006

Oh yeah? Well...

Yes, I know - I'm guilty already. Breaking a promise so soon in the relationship by failing to post yesterday. I took a blog break! Not to worry though, I'm back and have a thought I'd like to share.

Most of us are aware of damage we're causing our planet and it's resources right? We know about the severe energy crisis and have (at the very least) a vague idea of how devastating our reality might become if we don't ALL do SOMETHING to help. At least, this is what I would like to believe. Being a native Floridian I'm plagued by scorching days during the majority of the year and a complete inability to release any stress by initiating a snow ball fight. I'm a tortured soul, you can say it...

Usually I blame the "Florida Sunshine" for many of the states inadequacies (i.e. inability to tally vote counts, lack of work ethic, really really dumb, albeit beautiful, people etc...). However, I realized that all this hostility towards the sun my home state has claimed as it's own was not really leading to much. Ever the optimist, I embarked on a subconscious journey to find a positive spin on the subject.

At my core, I am a photographer and my photography has been a flame that's burned long and constant for longer than I can remember. During my fortunate blessing as a Miami Beach resident, I was moved on plenty occasions to photograph the inspiring sunrises and sets. Generally, these are events taken for granted in most people's daily life. Even I've failed to acknowledge one or two. Good thing I took so many pictures.

Recently, I was looking over some of these images it suddenly dawned (no pun intended) on me that we already have a reliable solution to our energy crisis. It's probably one of the few remaining facts we actually can all rely on. Every day it just shows up. Period.