December 26, 2006

Cosmic Law

Yesterday my mother asked me what it is about Pearl Jam that makes me so... (even she could not find an appropriate "label")? This is a loaded question because it's not just one thing. That said, I tried my hardest to put into words what happens to me when one of their songs plays on the radio - not to mention the magic I've felt at each and every one of their shows that I've attended. As suspected, she just didn't "get it". I walked away thinking of different ways I could have answered or even how I might be able to communicate my feelings to her more effectively. In the grand scheme of life this scenario is pretty insignificant but for me, it was a "gem" of time.... rare and special because my mother seemed genuinely interested about something which rattles me at my core. Although I didn't quite reach the breakthrough I hoped for yesterday, my faith in the power of music was renewed and solidified. Especially after reading my horoscope today which states:

"Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, December 26:Your sign just adores music, and with good reason. You know how to put discordant elements in place to make sweet harmony, especially when it comes to a social situation. Everyone appreciates your aplomb. "
guess it's written in the stars......