December 16, 2006

Train your Brain

My effort to change the world, one thought at a time... It all began a few months ago when I was channel surfing with a friend and caught the start of movie on the Discovery Channel. This friend is a big science buff and usually quite boring (to me) once he gets started on quantum physics and (this is where I usually tune him out). However, something forced me to stay on the channel and watch. Ironically, he fell asleep after the first 10 minutes which I didn't even notice until it was over almost two hours later.

Turns out the movie was about how our brain is trained to perceive everything around us. That's a VERY simple explanation, as you might imagine, but check out the link if you'd like to see more on the movie. One of the examples the film used to demonstrate the power of thought was how Dr. Masaru Emoto, renowned scientist and doctor of alternative medicine, researched the crystals formed by water when it's frozen. Water was placed in a glass and labeled with positive and negative labels (i.e. love, war, peace, thank you) and frozen. The frozen crystals were then photographed using high speed photography and the results are AMAZING. Don't take my word for it though, visit his website and judge for yourself. The site is extensive and discusses various projects but the links above will take you directly to the water crystal project I made reference to.

Considering that the human body consists of about 90% water, it's hard to deny the effect our thoughts must have on our physical being. Is it possible then, to change our very existence just by changing the way we think?

Now that's food for thought...