March 5, 2007


Last night I went to see a live rock-n-roll band perform a set at Churchills in Miami. Not only is this one of THE top 3 activities I enjoy most but this show was very special to me! The bands (INTEGER) guitarist is Kevin Pineiro, someone who I've literally known since guitars were bigger than him... actually, it will be 15 years this August that we attended Lollapalooza (summer concert tour) together and both got our fate sealed by Eddie Vedder's performance that day.
Anyway, Kevin has come a long way and if you heard him play you'd know his journey has barely begun. I admire him for having the courage to hold on to his dream and I will forever pray that his resolve remains unyielding! You can learn a bit more about the band by visiting their website or visiting their myspace page at


Anonymous said...

Yep, thas' my little bro
posted by soldatoj57

Anonymous said...

I take it back, he is a little piece of shit, totally worthless as a friend and less so as a human being
FUCK Kevin Pineiro

sorry for shitting all over your page Gem, but he deserves it

Posted by soldatoj57 AKA EDDIE LEAO