March 2, 2007


I read somewhere that tact was knowing when to shut your mouth before others wanted to shut it for you. That said, I have to take a minute to pause and say just how disgusted I am by today's local media coverage on the funeral arrangements for Anna Nicole Smith. Is there really nothing sacred left in this world? The woman passed away almost THREE weeks ago and it wasn't until today that her remains are finally en route to their final resting place. That fact, on it's on merit, is a gross display of humanity.

Yet, the media managed to surpass that too by their tasteless coverage of the trip from the medical examiners office to Miami International Airport. Every local news channel had their camera following the procession even as airport security dogs "cleared" her casket before being loaded on the aircraft. Reporters were unable to get through an entire weather or traffic report without mentioning the stations "breaking news story"... It was sad on many levels, as death usually is.

I hope Anna finally rests in peace. As for the joke we refer to as "journalism", I dedicate the song playing - "Shitlist" by the band L7.