April 27, 2007

Saving the Planet

Saving the Planet

Anyone who knows me already knows that I'm on an endless crusade to "save the world" - it's become an inside joke among my friends but on some level is actually quite true. I haven't figured out why people always turn to me in their time of need or why it is that I continue to come through for them (despite having plenty of reasons why I shouldn't). I could psycho analyze that dynamic forever but, fear not, I will spare you.

Instead, I've decided to use the training I have inadvertently gained throughout the years and apply it on a global scale. For about two years I have been advocating the use of solar energy as our primary provider or source of power. It has always seemed so elemental to me because every day the sun rises. It never needs a wake up call, I cannot remember the last time it was tardy or called in sick - it just shows up... EVERY day. The obvious question for me then, is why aren't we using this natural resource?

I'd say that the primary reason is that those getting paid to fuel our existence with oil would suddenly be forced to relinquish their ownership of this planet and its' inhabitants. Apparently they haven't figured out just how to profit as lucratively from this bright star. Boo hoo

Well, guess what? Time's up. The time to save our planet is now and I have made it my life's purpose to "let the sun shine in" so to speak... Take a look at what the folks from Conservation International have compiled for us on their website and learn some of the ways you can get involved. Measure your Eco-footprint or check out their carbon calculator to see how you can offset your own carbon emissions.

Pretty cool stuff, I promise!