June 11, 2007

Eyes of the Beholder

I love my life.
Still - even after all the...
I simply love the fact that I am still surprised, almost every day.

I've been called a cynic and dismissed as "another jaded soul" but the TRUTH is I am constantly enjoying these mini-moments of joy all the time. I'm grateful and appreciative of how often I'm surprised by people who think they know better, people who think I haven't done enough, people who think I've done too much, people who actually only care about themselves, people who hurt, people who lie, people who are hell bent on holding me back, people who think I owe them something, people who think I actually give a damn - still.

It's not all bad though. I've redefined perspective more times than I care to count and I've learned that (for me) making the best of what's around is essential. I'll never ask if "things could possibly get any worse" because I'm all too aware that they can. It's not difficult to notice and point out the negative, painful, or even obvious regarding EVERY situation you face each day. Sometimes, however, it takes a bigger effort to seek out that "silver lining". I dare you to try it.

Trust me, the picture you'll be able to view after taking a step back will make you glad you did.


Gertie said...

whoa, seems we have more than O pos in common... I was just about to write something less eloquent. Still maybe will. Check back.