July 28, 2007

Proud Parents?

Why is it that certain people think it's impossible to follow and actually achieve their dreams while others (seemingly with no clear guarantee) just go for it? After MUCH research, I have concluded that children who receive positive reinforcement along the way are much more likely to pursue their happiness at any costs. Even if the only positive reinforcement comes from little things - - a clean room, a good grade, a nice gesture etc. Eventually, children grow and adjust their character based on what they know best, their own personal history and existence.

A child (A) who made others proud by his actions in turn felt good. Consequently, if the reaction was desired he subconsciously learns to incorporate certain traits and virtues into the adult he's sculpting. It's a natural progression requiring a lot less effort. Another child (B) that never hears praise about his actions grows up without a key point of reference. He learns the behavior that caused a bad reaction form a parent, teacher etc. and strives to avoid its' repetition but often fails.

Child A
-does good = hears praise
-does bad = receives punishment
-can identify behaviour that = praise
-repeats it

Child B
-does good = hears nothing
-does bad = receives punishment
-struggles to find praise yielding behavior
-fears repeat of bad behaviour

Clearly child A has an advantage. Tell kids you are proud of them!!