July 6, 2007

Solar Gem

Feel like I haven't been by here in a while. Truth is I've been preoccupied with my mission to save the planet. Guess what? I am now an "Ecoprenuer" :)

These yellow banners are links to my new website: Solar Gem

Please take a look and see the benefits of solar energy. Reserve your system and learn how I can guarantee that your power bill will not increase EVER over the next 25 years!

Everyday, the sun shows up, it's never late, never tired, maybe not always the same intensity but irrefutably - there... To give us LiFe!

and It's the only wave left...

Isn't it time you Joined the Solution?

If you decided you too want to spread the word and help my crussade to Save the Planet as an Ecoprenuer, visit this site to sign up.