September 13, 2007


I recently moved and today my mother did a great favor for me by bringing me all this "stuff" I had in storage. It's been there almost TWO years and it's incredible when I think about it... Two years ago I remember feeling devastated about having to put my life in storage (again) and seemingly on hold indefinitely.

Today, I realize how it took that long for me to recognize the life I'm supposed to be living. It's not that I had forgotten exactly but I was definitely not living it.

In many ways I had to clear my life, my head, my space in order to figure out the stuff that really matters to me. Turns out that stuff was with me all along. My health, family, friends, love & laughter... add an ounce of faith and a Pearl Jam song floating around in my head - I am complete!

EVERYTHING else is just STUFF - don't ever let it hold you back.