October 16, 2007

Let the Sunshine in....

In honor of Blog Action Day (which incidently, ended a few hours ago) I wanted to share my plans for saving the planet. Please take a look by clicking the banner below. Have a WoNdErFuL Tuesday!



soldatoj57 said...

Instead of posting a smarmy response at that half assed post for blog day, I give you the reason I would have posted a smarmy response......found this quote this morning on Slowly Going Bald and I know he feels the same way I do sometimes.....

"In moments like that, when people laugh and I do all I can to fight back the rush of emotion that pours over me when a film really hooks me, I feel somehow smarter than everyone else in the room, like I was able to hold my breath to dive long enough or soar high enough to see something they don't, and will never. I feel like I get it, and they don't, and there's always a rush of slimy pride that comes with that feeling. And I know that that's a terribly divisive thing to say, and the kind of statement people don't embrace you for, merely factor into their level of tolerance for the kind of jerk you're turning out to be, and I should be (and am) grateful for all the friends I have who put up with me when I come a little unhinged during a bad viewing experience1.
But for everyone who laughed when they shouldn't have: I quietly judged you, and found you lacking."

He's a film critic, but you get the gist from what we were talking about last night I imagine (the reasons I am such an asshole).
Ed out