December 5, 2006

I don't get it

Every Sunday edition of The Miami Herald newspaper has a "Parade" magazine insert which is a quick, easy read that generally covers topics on the "lighter" side. Browsing through this issue I see a 2"x3" text block on the inner portion of page 20 with the headline "Donate Miles to Military". The 11 line blurb is a request for donations of frequent-flier miles to “help soldiers wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq to fly home after their treatment or will help their families fly to visit them”.

Now, please know that I advocate charity and my statements here are in no way an attempt to hinder donations of any kind to the cause of your choice. What I have a SERIOUS issue with is the idea that wounded soldiers returning from war need frequent-flier miles to get back home! Right now, I’m so completely taken aback by this concept that I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts.

It’s simply unacceptable to think that the men and women sacrificing their lives protecting this country are not provided a free trip home - after being wounded! Are these commercial airlines serious? A list of them can be found at , the organization serving military families by providing free airfare from donated frequent-flier miles.

I realize that Fisher House is providing a notable service. Would they really need to though if airlines simply donated a few seats to these wounded soldiers and their families? Am I the only one outraged??