December 6, 2006

puppy love of my life

After getting home from and endlessly demanding day I sat in the living room and watched my dog as he chased ghosts through the backyard. This is typically his routine but today, instead of running back inside to flop by my feet, he just sat at the edge of the terrace where tile meets earth, his back to me and stared into the horizon. He sat there for like 15 minutes completely still - just looking around and sniffing out the day's events. That's a pretty long for my dog especially since he never even wants to be out unless I'm out there too. I couldn't help wondering what could possibly be going through his mind you know. He just looked so damn cool sitting there taking in that moment. he's almost 3 years old now and perhaps is maturing a bit? Maybe he was trying to plan an escape (unlikely). Who the hell really knows? But, here's the face that made me fall like never before, meet "Bo" – canine sapient