March 17, 2007


Enough of the bullshit, the whining, the moping, the doubting, everybody's advice, their solutions, my insecurities... ENOUGH!

Change is a beautiful albeit sometimes unexpected gift. It is the ultimate lesson - in any respect really - for it is only when we truly embrace our "next" whether a new environment, state of mind, or pair of shoes for that matter, that we can fully and intimately get to know its' idiosyncrasies. Once that it understood, it becomes clear to me that I'm on the brink of something very exciting! With all the options and opportunities at my disposal, the only worry I can even entertain is deciding which road I'll choose on this "next".

Imagine that... everyone should be this LUCKY!!!

That reminds me, Happy St. Patricks Day folks... Try to keep clear of the green beer - take it from someone who knows, it's not as festive as it looks when other people are drinking it!


Evansentangel said...

Very insightful and love you're free spirit and refreshingly true sharing & I feel it too...

Ladyblog said...

Thank you!