March 10, 2007

I got Survivalism

Last night I was talking with a friend and telling her how grateful I am that music can change me the way it does. It calms me, excites me, inspires me, makes me feel creative, allows me to heal, and lately it has given me the ability to tap into a part of my psyche that I believed had been killed long ago. There are moments that I've wondered how it's possible that everyone isn't affected by music the way I am and I feel truly saddened for them. How lucky am I that just by turning on a radio, playing a favorite album or simply replaying the tunes stored in my head, I can seemingly transcend any given plane? Yup, L-U-C-K-Y indeed!

That said, above you can read the first track off the soon-to-be released Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero - "Survivalism"
To hear the song, click on the link to my page on myspace on the right column. Enjoy!


Ben Mack said...

i saw a link to a compilation of many many NiN videos around this rock opera here... just see the Plog and reAD the Blog on the amazon page for more details

Ladyblog said...

Just a link to I didn't find what you referred to in your comment.