May 4, 2007

Chicken Little Never said this...

OK - so the actual sky isn't falling (just yet) but the 12th Annual Air and Sea Show is taking place this weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. The pilots usually spend a few days before the event practicing and fine tunig this amazing feat. This year is no different.

Driving home from the office today (near the event venue) I see some planes flying in formation and smile thinking "groovy". Then as I'm scanning the sky I notice aproximately 15 parachutes gracefully gliding back to the ground. I don't know about your home town but it's not everyday that real, live, eating, breathing, men are literally falling out of the sky! Instantly, I'm reminded of a song lyric that goes "I would've fallen from the sky till you... parachutes have opened up". Yes, from Pearl Jam - get over it! Needless to day, it was groovy indeed!

Be safe. Have fun. Save EARTH!