June 21, 2007

Funk Me

I've been in this pfffft-eeeeeek kinda mood the last couple days and really, I've grown tired of it. I spent the last four days in bed unable to move as I suffered through what must be some kind of UTI or equally disabling ailment - lovely, I know. Granted, my health insurance doesn't start for another 18 days nor does anything that remotely resembles income for that matter so, I'll just hope that a medical crisis was averted. Back to work today and life resumes without too much disturbance.

However, more importantly, I've been thinking lately (quite a bit) about moving. Not into a new place because my lease will finally be over at my current place in August but more along the lines of getting in my car and seeing just how far I can get before panic strikes. Then, so what? I've already survived so much more that somehow that "panic" doesn't quite deter me the way some might think it "should".
Hmmm - it's alarmingly feasible... Open to suggestions!