June 15, 2007

"Honey Do" to Myself

I’ve been meaning to sit down and literally write down a list of goals that I’d like to accomplish before I die. I know that seems like an indefinite amount of time but when you realize that each day could be your last, it becomes clear that time is as much a healer as it is a thief. That said, here’s my “Personal Top 10” (in no particular order)

◊ Lose weight & get healthy again
◊ Leave Florida
◊ See (yet another) Pearl Jam show
◊ Get my book published
◊ Live in a place where I don’t worry if my dog is running free
◊ Vacation in Bali
◊ Have at least one child – preferably more
◊ Marry someone that makes me laugh until it hurts
◊ Have enough money to live without debt
◊ Establish traditions that will live for generations after my children